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Leaving The Cocoon A Christian-Based Mentoring Program

Leaving The Cocoon A Christian-Based Mentoring Program Women's Prison Program Aids In Re-Entry from Reported By Regina Raccuglia POSTED: 3:39 pm CDT April 15, 2009 UPDATED: 7:14 pm CDT April 15, 2009 NASHVILLE, Tenn. --After seven years in prison, Marissa Martin is thankful for every day of freedom. After using and dealing hard core drugs and finding different ways to make some quick money, she found herself at an all-time low. "I'm an addict and an alcoholic," she said. "Being involved in some pretty heinous things, that was definitely my rock bottom." Mar...

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Goodbye Addiction

You know, we have been together for a really long time. Almost 17 years now off and on. That is a lot of time to spend with someone. I remember when I first met you. We were just friends at first. I liked you. I liked you a lot. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything, but I knew there was something about you. You made me feel different. Over time I grew to love you. You made me feel things I had never felt. You made me see things I had never seen before. At first, you were really good to me, and I needed that. I needed to feel loved, needed to feel whole. You supplied ...

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Former Inmates Successfully Transition into Society

By Blair Simmons of Fox 17 "Leaving the Cocoon" is a non-profit organization of mentors who help women make a difficult transition easier. The program has not only helped these women get back on their feet, but they say it's changed their lives. If you had told Paula Etheridge a couple years ago that she'd be in Brentwood at a dinner in her honor... she never would have believed you. "Actually I lived on the streets of Dickerson road for 9 years," says Etheridge. She was addicted to drugs and was in and out of jail. But living that type of life proved to be a whole lot ...

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