Our Mission

My prayer is not for them alone, I pray also for those who will believe in Me through their message, that all may be one - John 17:20


Our mission is to show Christ-like compassion to the needs of those incarcerated and help them rebuild their lives outside prison. We desire to reach out to women caught in addictions and troubles, and help them realize and reach their God-given potential.

The Reason:

“Leaving the Cocoon” was established in 2003 due to a lack of mentoring for female ex-offenders. Upon leaving prison, many fall prey to the world. Communities have a tendency to make these ladies feel even worse. They are shunned and looked down on because they have served time.

In general, our society can be harsh. “Good girls don’t get into trouble.” This attitude hurts those who are reentering society, those trying to make a better life, and change the course they had previously been traveling. So, we can sit back and hold fast our judgments… or we can do something to help.

The Problem
  • I felt so empty and alone. I was unsure of a future, only knowing my past. LTC provided me with a mentor. Having a mentor meant having a dear friend. She is one that no matter what obstacle I face, I can pick up the phone and call her. She’s not there to give me all the answers, but to help me find the answers I need to grow and achieve. LTC has made me believe in the natural good in people again. She helps me to be a better person even though we live in different cities. I hope to become a light to someone else as she has been in mine.
    Tina S.
  • I just want you to know how much I love you. LTC is the greatest and I appreciate everything you’ve done to help me. If I didn’t have you all, I don’t know where I’d be in life, mentally and spiritually. I’m so grateful God put you in my life. I think I know now, why there are so many repeat offenders. Change is hard and it stresses one by confusion and being scared of life. But I’m stronger than that thanks to LTC.
    Patti H
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