Wish List

If you are considering giving to our ministry and would like to know what we are in need of, we have assembled a “Wish List”

  • Prayer Warriors
  • Financial Supporters
  • Female Mentors
  • Grant Researchers and Writers
  • Newsletter Writer
  • Legal Adviser for Mentees
  • Financial Adviser for Mentees
  • Job Recruiter for Mentees
  • Employers who will give felons a chance to prove themselves
  • Volunteers for various jobs; tracking of Mentees, seeking felon friendly employers, office work, generate interest in helping the ex-offenders, seminars, lunches, etc
  • Cooks for different occasions
  • Storage facility
  • Butterfly café and coffee shop operated by ex-offenders
  • Retreat facilities
  • Organize “No such thing as a free lunch” (Lunch to introduce LTC to the public)
  • Office supplies and postage